New Items for the fancy of others!
 /BIOSTAR V6202EL63 GeForce 6200LE 64MB 32-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Low Profile Ready Video Card***(bid ends March 13th at midnight)***

The average price for this is 58.07

But i will take $40 for it, why pay more?

Viva variety Taco bell sign, rather large***(bid ends March 13th at midnight)***

Well i collected this, and usually you don't ever get a chance to.
I would price this at $30
just because im sure it was more then that to make and etc, but its just so amazing that im sure someone 
would love it!


The Ultimate playboy bunny lighter***(bid ends March 13th at midnight)***

***Needs butane****

$20, nuff said XD


512 ram(s) ***(bid ends March 13th at midnight)***

512 RAM PC100  - $15
512 RAM PC133  #20
Together $30

An Amazing amulet i found at a renaissance fair for $50 ***(bid ends March 13th at midnight)***

I do love it, but i simply must share with the world XD
so i will setll at minmum for $30, please bid your hearts out, 


my beloved pirate set

I have more pirate stuff, but i will start here and see where it gets me
  • 4 cake pirate toppers -$ 10
  • a POTC shot glass - $20
  • jungle jack - $12
  • captain jack - $20
  • ship mate jack - $10
  • and worker jack - $10
  • Mini-pirate flag - $5
  • POTC patch - $15

My Prize posession *sob*  *****(sale ends March 14th)*****

I obtained this at a renaissane fest for $300
rather, i don't see it fit to be so,
I'd sell for a starting set value of $150, bidding is encourage. 
its real leather, very Malleablefor easy shaping, very sturdy,
Very piratey XD

Polaroid 600
**needs 600 film
**sale ends March 10th

Amazing vintage camera - $20

I only accept Paypal, and this is to see what happens for right now, so comment to bid, and ill chose the bidder whom is on top when i look at it on that specific day, but ill give it an hour after i get on for last minute bidders.
Any Questions, call 1-573-253-5764
Thanks XP

Ello mates, gents, and scum rat, welcome to the Selling brigade

     here, we invite you to sell your stuff, buy some stuff, even just admire some stuff, but comments are truly appreciated!
We will have various items here from pirates to cell phones, thats just how it is

any questions about if u can post something, just e-mail me (
Take care everyone, and please message me, if only for a chat XD


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